Purahealth Case Study

Wellness by design

Purahealth is a range of pure, curated vitamin and dietary supplements for people who are mindful of their health, and who enjoy all that modern life has to offer. Purahealth’s commitment to wellness through design, ensures an active supplement regime due to their presence in our daily lives. Pugh Morgan has been tasked with defining the essence of the brand as a set of principles, and a strategic framework to guide the next stage of their development with a global audience.

Responsive Website

Purahealth Shopify website

While much of our focus so far has been on assisting Purahealth from within, we are also developing tangible assets – including brand guidelines, imagery, collateral and a redefined digital presence, including their website and display advertising.

Purahealth photography art direction

Art Direction and Styling

Purahealth business cards

Print Collateral


Having defined and articulated Purahealth’s brand strategy, giving them a structure for how to think about and express the brand, Purahealth has a powerful idea as a launching pad for all their activities.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Photography
  • Art Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • User Interface Design