Kenessey Case Study

Aligning certainty

Property development in Australia is a complicated business. Burdened by red tape, obstructed by vested interests and defined by complexity, it can be an infuriating and time consuming experience. Amongst the hubris and challenges of property development, there is one group creating outcomes that confront a bigger picture. By improving the built environment and making a positive contribution to communities, Kenessey goes beyond bricks and mortar to help clients realise a grander vision.

Kenessey logo animation

Based on explorations of creative problem solving, we’ve developed a brand that incorporates the idea of a structured journey designed to eliminate indecision and neutralise complexity.

Kenessey wordmark
Kenessey identity rollout

The new logo is a contemporary and highly recognisable mark that can be adapted for all the parts of the business.

Kenessey stationery
Kenessey logo deboss

Its shape has been inspired by the matrix used by Kenessey in their design thinking process. The key element, the K, can be used in a variety of ways to create endless interpretations of the brand.

Kenessey presentation
Kenessey branded hardhat


At Pugh Morgan we are passionate about working with people that believe in new solutions for a new world; livable cities is certainly one of them, especially those at the forefront of its reinvention.


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