Activistic Case Study

Technology with purpose

There is no shortcut to building a brand but there are some crucial opportunities that can generate understanding and tell a story from the get-go. Technology company Activistic, was little more than a name when we began our partnership with the company. The logo we created was firmly rooted in our belief that there must be an idea behind every single thing we do.

Activistic logo animation

In this case we chose to amplify values of support and technology, matched with the need to convey a corporate feel that would work in the B2B space.

Desktop and Responsive Website

Launch Video

Our explainer video for Activistic took the form of an animation, not only explaining the functional aspects of their apps, but the significant impact the technology can make in the lives of disadvantaged people in the world.

Activistic Corporate Id

Activistic Employee Handbook and stationery for the Australian, US and UK teams.

Activistic corporate cycling kit

Corporate Cycling Kit


Our work for Activistic continues to assiduously articulate the brand promise at every turn, positioning the brand as a premium level IT developer and technology enabler.


  • Visual Identity
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Digital Development
  • Branded Video and Motion Content
  • Print Collateral