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Quiz: Should you hook up with an agency?

February 1, 2018 by

Contemplating partnering with an agency but just not sure if you should? This handy quiz will decide if you’re compatible!

1. Value
To develop and implement your marketing strategy, you prefer to:

a) have immediate access to a wealth of experts in brand strategy, marketing, design, UX and project management under one handy fee structure.

b) find time and resources to recruit various individuals with different skills so you can bring them in-house, even if it takes ages and costs more.

2. Scalability
You need to shift your strategic focus from, say, social media and eDM to content marketing and advertising. Would you rather:

a) ramp up activity quickly and efficiently by tapping into the broad expertise of a partner who knows your brand inside out.

b) scope what additional resources and talent you could get on board to evolve your strategic direction.

3. Speed
You want innovative, memorable marketing designed to suit to your brand. Do you:

a) access a pool of experts as and when your project requires.

b) have your team keep on top of industry trends while you continually invest in new systems, technologies and people.

4. Focus
You want distinctive, brand-led solutions to bring out the best in your business, do you:

a) work with experts whose singular purpose is to dive deep into your brand and get strategic results.

b) get your team to pull together a fresh marketing approach without neglecting the important business-as-usual that needs to get done.


Mostly A‘s
You’re an Agency kind of brand. Like, say, performing open-heart surgery, you understand that it’s best to leave some things to the experts. You know your brand deserves the very best and you’d rather partner with a digital agency now while it’s an option, rather than later… when it’s a necessity.

Mostly B‘s
You’re also an Agency kind of brand. Don’t be that person who sees a Jackson Pollock painting and says, “I could do that” because unless you have a giant canvas, resin-based paints and years of practice, you can’t really. Brand is an artform—Pugh Morgan gives you all the tools and talent of a full-scale marketing team, so you don’t have to make your own.

We’re not on Tinder, so if you want to start a healthy relationship today give us a call.