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How the sausage gets made

December 9, 2016 by
How the sausage gets made

SportChamps is a unique ‘social’ betting platform that enables people to compete against their peers via online tournaments, rather than the bookmakers.

Our objective was to create an awareness campaign with the proposition that the traditional methods of betting were finished and there is a new way to bet. A cheeky and irreverent campaign was developed, that communicated the shock and disbelief of anyone who would still bet against the bloody bookies.

Our approach
Our process starts (as it always does) by understanding the end user and asking ourselves the question, what problem are we solving? Breaking the project down into different territories helped us clarify and better define the proposition.

Initial ‘first ideas’ and subsequent refinements.

We ultimately landed on the proposition, that traditional methods of betting were finished and there is a new and better way to bet.

Further refinement to concept idea.

Utilising a cheeky and irreverent tone of voice, we developed our campaign around everyday scenarios and sporting events, where conversations around betting would be had. Highlighted by the reaction of your friends to the realisation that you were still betting in the traditional way.

Development sketches
Casting talent
Campaign imagery

Campaign Launch
The campaign launch is the culmination of our strategic thinking, planning, ideation and execution, in collaboration with copywriters, illustrators, talent, stylists, hair & make-up artists, producers and photographers. In this instance it has resulted in a campaign that we are extremely proud of and is exceeding all expectations.