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Purahealth: Branding reality

December 6, 2016 by
Purahealth: Branding reality

In the era of virtual and augmented reality, environmental design presents a unique opportunity to express a brands essence with a foot in… well… reality.

Pugh Morgan recently designed a trade show stand for our client Purahealth, for the 2016 Mind Body Spirit Festival at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. An opportunity that we relished, because it allowed us to extend Purahealth’s brand and bring it to life in the physical world. Through considered decisions about materials, finishes and curated objects we created an expression of Purahalth’s brand essence “wellness by design” that touched the senses, evoking physical sensations, feelings, and generating real behavioural responses from the trade show audience.


Brandscapes did an amazing job with all aspects of production of the stand in a very short period of time.


But the design and success of the trade show stand actually started long before we even knew we were designing for it. It was the work weeks before, that preceded the trade show, that set the scene. It was the outcomes and insights of the Brand Strategy that informed our decision making process, defined the brand idea and created a clear framework to work within. Ultimately allowing us to create a visual and sensory identity, that is a direct reflection of the Purahealth story.