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A new sustainable property development, Eternity launches

October 12, 2016 by
A new sustainable property development, Eternity launches

Real estate marketing is a cutthroat business these days. The rise of multi-level developments is equally popular and unpopular. For a development to succeed in both the eyes of locals and those targeted for purchase a number of issues need to be addressed. A development needs to fit in, a brutalist block of flats in the centre of a green urban fringe isn’t going to generate any good will, likewise a development in the inner suburbs with no parking; as we’ve recently seen with proposed green developments in Fairfield and Brunswick.

Eternity Website Desktop

The architects behind Eternity had this in mind when drawing inspiration from structures that previously existed in the area, and using wooden cladding to help incorporate the site’s natural setting. More than a block of apartments, the architects wanted to enhance the connection that residents have to each other, and the local environment.

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At Pugh Morgan we were tasked with building a brand with marketing material to support sale of the apartments, ranging from sales book, to a website to street hoarding during the construction period.


Eternity Book Cover

The single page website acts as a teaser of information, focusing on the architecture, amenity and local area. Serious sales applicants will receive a 200+ page sales books which tells the in-depth story of the Eternity West Footscray story.

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Eternity Book Spread

Eternity Book Spread