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WordPress Part 2 – Benefits as a Client

October 3, 2016 by
WordPress Part 2 – Benefits as a Client

WordPress is a fantastic platform, but for some people there is a bit of a question mark over its capability. Some think that WordPress is for a small business, or that it isn’t scalable for the needs of an expanding business.

That isn’t true, WordPress is the most popular platform on the internet today, with over 60 million installs. [Source] including some heavy hitters:

Scalability is a great asset of WordPress. Plugins give the CMS the functionality to scale into most applications. There are, of course, some limitation, however with over 40,000 different plugins available a developer is rarely left to do too much heavy backend development.

Being the most popular CMS framework also comes with benefits. Plugins are written for popular services allowing integration, whether it be email marketing, CRM, stock control, payment gateways or other SaaS services.

What I don’t use it for
WordPress isn’t a fit all solution. Even though I would use it for an eCommerce solution if the website had a very limited range of products, I would lean towards a specific eCommerce framework like Magento to handle this.

Conversion or launch / landing page campaigns can use WordPress (especially if the site is already active), but a custom single page with specific analytics might be more focused on that particular job.

There are also other websites which you wouldn’t think of using WordPress for, highly customised websites with very specific uses are probably best left to a dedicated development team, as well as sites that have an extreme amount of heavy content such as videos.

What I do use it for
WordPress is my default go-to CMS. Its advantages are so strong in most applications, when a new project comes across my desk, the first thing I assess is whether WordPress is appropriate for the build.